Invited Colloquia

Cycles of Australian Aboriginal English (link to PDF of abstract)
Celeste Rodriguez Louro & Glenys Dale Collard

Everyday-ism from below and the power of governmentality in the Global South (link to PDF of abstract)
Shaila Sultana & Dariush Izadi

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Sociolinguistics (link to PDF of abstract)
Kok-Sing Tang & Angel M. Y. Lin

Language materialities, messy methods, and the sociolinguistics of waste (link to PDF of abstract)
Crispin Thurlow, Charmaine Kong, Laura Wohlgemuth & Alessandro Pellanda

Nonmodern sociolinguistics: Intercepting the march of history and progress (link to PDF of abstract)     
Jaspal Naveel Singh

The darker side of gender and sexuality: Re-casting language and violence (link to PDF of abstract)
Tommaso M. Milani

The Semiotics of Global Koreanness (link to PDF of abstract)
Eldin Milak & Lucien Brown




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